Holding Deposit

Once you have received the call that you have been approved, you will be emailed with our trust account details, your reference number and total amounts payable prior to the tenancy commencing. The holding deposit - which is also the first weeks rent - is due within 24 hours of approval. Our team will then remove the property from advertising and stop showing the property to further potential tenants.

Your reference number is to be used for all payments to our trust account. Our trust accounting system will automatically allocate your payments to your profile and you will be emailed a copy of the receipt. Not using the reference number could result in the payment remaining unallocated and you could potentially fall into arrears. 

Please email our team with a confirmation of the bank transfer - there is nothing we like more than the successful leasing of a property and removing it from advertising!

If, for whatever reason, you decide not to proceed with the tenancy (prior to the tenancy commencing), you will forfeit the holding deposit. This is to compensate the landlord for the inconvenience and potential lost income for the property.



The bond is held as security for the property and is equal to four weeks rent. The most direct way to pay the bond is to Rental Bonds Online. We will generate an email from Bonds Online - Please advise if you already have a Bonds Online account. The link will expire in seven days - but don't worry! - if it has expired when you want to pay the funds, please let our team know and we can regenerate the link for you.

For more information regarding Bonds Online, please check out the Fair Trading FAQs for Tenants here


Second Weeks Rent

Prior to the tenancy commencing you are also required to pay the second weeks rent. It is best to do this a few days prior to the tenancy commencing to ensure the funds have been received into our trust account. 


If the holding deposit, bond and second weeks rent are not paid prior to the tenancy commencing we will, unfortunately, be unable to issue keys to the property to you. If you are having any trouble making payment, please contact our team.


To contact our team please call 02 4861 0666, email [email protected] or contact the team member who sent you the confirmation email.