Our Story



We care for our clients. Excellent service is our promise.


Highlands Property was born out of the desire to bring the high customer service standards of a modern professional business to the real estate market in the Southern Highlands, where traditional habits had fallen well behind current best practice. This required thinking about the whole sphere of real estate agency sales and property management in an entirely new way.

We wanted to address, and overturn, the typical attitude to real estate agents that:

  • they are unreliable, greedy and untrustworthy
  • they don’t communicate well enough, often enough
  • property management is secondary

We started with the attitude that property management is core business. In fact, in the beginning, it was all we did. Now, as we grow, it remains a key focus of our business.


Real estate agency is about people

It’s caring about people: caring about our vendors’ and buyers’ dreams; caring about our landlords’ investments; and caring about our tenants’ homes. It’s about helping people find the right place to live, work, retire or invest.

We affect thousands of people’s lives every day: where they live; how secure and comfortable they are in their home; or how well their property investment performs. This is serious business, not just a hobby business.


Real estate agency is about communication

It’s about timely, clear, pro-active, quality communication between people. Between us and our landlord clients. Between us and tenants. Between us and vendors and buyers. It’s about setting expectations and meeting them; because unpleasant surprises please no-one.


Property management demands attention to detail

So, we continuously refine our detailed processes and procedures to ensure the delivery of timely and reliable service to landlords and tenants.

Modern computer systems, databases, electronic filing, internet access, and the latest communication technology and methods are essential tools of our trade: they ensure the accuracy and efficiency of information delivery. They allow our people more time to spend with our clients.

Over time, we recognised that what we do well also applied to property sales. We started to sell properties for our landlord clients as an added service. We delivered real value to them. Quality is not about property: in fact, some are far from special. Quality is about the advice we give: honest, comprehensive and fearless. 


Quality is about the service we deliver.

Clear and timely communications; accurate dealings with legalities; prompt attention to detail by following procedure; creative marketing; attentive responses to buyers; smart negotiation and quality follow through.

At Highlands Property, we understand that where you work, where you live, what you invest in, is centrally important to you.

Every day, thousands of people sleep in houses we rent to them. They work in places that we lease. They invest in houses in which they saw potential. They call these places home. Or work. Or part of their investment portfolio. The point is, the property becomes part of them. They see it as having an important place in their lives; it is where they belong.


Our job is to care about these elements in people’s lives.

It’s about caring, respect for others and trust. That takes vision and experience. We have to be a problem solver, a can-doer and a deliverer.

At Highlands Property, we are proud about our “go get it” spirit that has helped grow us into the biggest in our market. That now gives us the skills, the data, the knowledge and the experience to always deliver superior results for all our clients.

And, if our contribution to the Highlands is to last, we know we need to maintain probity and surety, rigor and the absolute faith of our clients. We need to perform. We need to impress. We need to reassure. We need to be accountable.

This is what creates our success. This is what brings our Highlands Property brand to life.